About Us

As a motorsports enthusiast for over a decade, I've always been a fiend for gear from my favorite racing teams. I remember fondly ordering my first formula 1 jacket from England. But over the years I've always been disappointed with the selection and design of apparel available to us. A NASCAR fan is never left wanting for merchandise from hats to toilet seat covers. Ferrari fans can spend their cash on everything from laptops to designer luggage. But other than those two examples there simply isn't much to choose from for people who enjoy motorized speed. For a long time I've wanted to do something about it. What came of it is ACLR8.

If you're here you probably fit a certain profile. Maybe you hate waking up early in the morning for work, but you happily wake up at 6 am on a Sunday to watch Formula 1. Perhaps you've driven 2 hours for the privilege of racing around cones for 3 or 4 minutes. Or maybe the thrill of rolling on the throttle as you pick the bike up from full lean is why you look forward to the weekend. ACLR8 is for you.